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  • Visa
  • Travel Insurance
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The first step in planning your trip is booking your airline ticket.

Keep flying deals with all airline companies to book international tickets to all destinations. Our team of experts offers you the most economical deals of internationalĀ  low cost tickets. Our agency not only books your tickets, but also gets best rate and instant conformation.

1- For every approved travel request, our travel agents shall make bookings on the lowest charge and most convenient route.
2- In case the required travel arrangements cannot be covered, our travel agents shall notify the customer and present alternatives.
3- For bookings on the wait-list, our travel agents shall provide constant constant feedback on flight status.
4- Our Travel agents shall deliver the tickets on time with details on itineraries, and shall remain informed of any changes in carrier schedule.
5- Our travel agents shall advise the customer of ticketing deadline and other relevant information, in order to avoid bookings' cancellations.
6- Our travel agents shall strive to provide all travelers with last seat availability, advance seat assignments and advanceĀ  boarding passes.

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Keep flying can secure hotel reservation anywhere in the world that suits both your taste and your budget. Our travel consultants are delighted to listen to your requests and prepare an offer accordingly.

1- Our travel agents shall make reservations for lodging accommodations upon request.
2- Our travel agents shall initiate and confirm reservations.
3- Our travel agents promise to negotiate for discount rates for hotel and travel accommodations and to arrange such services on a global basis upon request.
Keep flying offers a wide variety of cars, with the option of picking the size and style that suit you. On top of that, we offer chauffeuring services that can be as simple as an airport pick up at your arrival to drop you off at your hotel. Or, it could be a timed outing on request with a driver at your disposal.


- We guarantee not only clean but also new cars in good condition.
- Keep flying provides airport and hotel transfers to and from all destinations.
- We select simply the best drivers to serve you.
- On airport pick-ups, the flight arrival time is checked before car dispatch.
  So, if your flight arrives late, your driver will still be there, waiting for you.
- With our private transfer service, our customers are saved the wait in long taxi lines, crowded buses or trains.
  Our customers' convenience , comfort and safe transport always come first!
Visa services are needed to assist you in the process of obtaining all of the required international travel documents for the country you plan to enter. We can provide you with advanced visa service.

Our travelers will be handed the necessary travel documents promptly. Keep flying's reliable staff shall facilitate each visa process, in addition to the legalization and authentication process of documents.

Currently we cover the following countriesĀ UAE, China, Thailand, Spain, France and Italy.

The following are the list of required documents for your visa issuance

- A valid passport with an expiry date greater than six months
- Photo - passport size
- Keep Flying Hotel Reservation
- Keep Flying Flight Reservation
- Work / Employment Letter
Keep Flying offers various deals from covering medical travel insurance to baggage insurance. Our travel insurance can also customized according to individual preferences

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Marhaba Services 

Keep flying guarantees a swift, smooth and safe passage through the airport, from speedy clearance through arrivals or departures to a breezy aid transfers, baggage and family travel.

On Arrival:
- Fast track service by through all arrival formalities: immigration, passport control and customs clearance.
- Assistance with baggage collection

On Departure:
- Fast track through check in, immigration, and passport control formalities

On Transfer:
- Assistance through Transfer Desk and check in formalities
- Transfer between the Terminal if needed.